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Sky Diary: Kidstorm

Hello, kids and grown-ups! Click below to get information, see pictures and graphics and find links on tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes and storm chasing.

[what causes a tornado? | measuring tornadoes | tornado safety | what if you're in your car? | tornado links]
[lightning, step by step | lightning safety | lightning links]
[how do hurricanes form? | hurricane safety | hurricane links]
storm chasing
[all about storm chasers | a typical chase | "Twister" and reality | how to become a storm chaser | storm chasing links]

More storm links

Each Kidstorm page has links to more Web sites devoted to its subject (for instance, tornadoes or lightning), but these are general severe weather links that you might find useful:
Florida lightning (c) 2000 Chris Kridler
Lightning zaps Florida. (Photo copyright 2000 by Chris Kridler /
severe weather now
get the latest data!
National warnings
Severe thunderstorm and tornado watches from the Storm Prediction Center
National satellite data from Real Time Weather Data
National radar data from the National Weather Service
Find the weather for any City, State or Zip code, or Country

Make your own
six-pointed snowflake

Try a stormy
word search puzzle

Kidstorm is a production of Sky Diary, Chris Kridler's site devoted to storm chasing and weather photography. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the material here, but not all sources agree on some aspects of storm science, and in the interest of simplicity, not every detail is included. Thanks to savvy folks for reviewing select Kidstorm pages to help make them better, including Jim Leonard, Dave Lewison and Tom Warner. Comments are welcome, but before sending storm questions, see if they are answered on the Kidstorm pages or on the other sites linked from each page.